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  • I am a Free Spirit

    When it comes to choosing a college, we know there are a lot of options to consider. Jacqlyn Schott didn’t even consider Otterbein until a prom-dress shopping trip to Columbus, Ohio got her on campus.
  • I am an Adult Learner

    Let’s face it - college students are busy. This reality may hold most true for adult learners, like Jacqueline Bravo, who are trying to balance a full-time job, children, a spouse, a home and school. Otterbein University understands that adult learners have a lot on their plate, and it is committed to supporting its students every step of the way.
  • I Am a Conductor

    Jared Joseph gave a lot of thought to his college decision. It would be one of the most important decisions of his life. And before he even started at Otterbein, he got a taste of the personal time and attention he would receive as a student on campus.
  • I Am a Sorority Sister

    For many students, it is hard to venture away from the high school and childhood friends. However, it can also be an opportunity to meet new people and expand your horizons. That’s how Jenna saw it, and that’s why she joined Greek life.
  • I am a Broadcaster

    At Otterbein, students don’t have to wait until they are upperclassmen to start gaining experience in their field. In the highly competitive field of broadcasting, Josh Overholser will have an advantage over his peers, because of all the hands-on, professional experience he has gained as a student at Otterbein.
  • I Am a Phys Ed Teacher

    Otterbein University wasn’t just a good fit for Joshua Slone, it was also a great deal.
  • I am Inspired

    Katie Miller was absolutely sure about her major when she came to Otterbein University - she was going to be a pre-dentistry student. But she had no idea that her job in Otterbein’s Center for Student Success would ultimately lead her down an unexpected path.
  • Alumna Receives Outstanding Stage Manager Award

    Abbey Bay '12 was recently awarded outstanding stage manager at the New York Innovation Theatre. What led Abbey to this nomination was her involvement with the Jackson Heights Trilogy, which was a set of three shows, that all happened during the same time in Theatre 167.
  • A Cappella Group Starts at Otterbein

    Ottertuned is not just another choir on campus. The 25-member group sings current pop music, contains beat-boxers and above all — is an entirely a cappella. Other than Six in the City, which is an a cappella choir of six girls, Otterbein has never had an a cappella group. Last year, junior communication studies major, Tim Andrews, and his friend Jameelah Robinson decided that needed to change.
  • I Am an Environmentalist

    When she first came to Otterbein University, Kristen Giesting said she was very shy. It wasn’t until a friend encouraged her to get involved on campus that Kristen began taking advantage of the many opportunities Otterbein University had to offer.
  • I am a Science Teacher

    When she was choosing where to go to college, Kristen McCann knew she wanted to be a name and not a number. And that’s exactly what she found at Otterbein University.
  • I am a Volunteer

    Otterbein University offers its students the opportunity to realize his or her personal best – to realize their full potential. Dominic Porretta realized his potential not just as one of the top pitchers for the Cardinals baseball team, but as a student and a volunteer in the community.
  • I am a Believer

    Meghan Davis wasn’t sure about her ability to succeed in college. “I wasn’t your typical straight-A student in high school. So, I always thought that the level of achievement I reached in high school would be my potential that I could achieve in college,” she said. But what she came to realize in only her first year at Otterbein University was quite different.
  • I Am a Scientist

    At Otterbein, Cara has balanced her desire to serve her community and her interest in research, and she was given the opportunity to do both during her first year.
  • I Am a Student-Athlete

    Brooke Albright was able to meet her academic, athletic, community service and career goals as a student-athlete at Otterbein.
  • I am a Biologist

    It can be difficult to blend two majors such as biology and Spanish, but that is what Chelsea Jenney did –and so much more.
  • I Am a Dentist

    As a pre-dentistry student, Curtis Baker was not only dedicated to his coursework, but serving others as well. He helped to establish Otterbein's MEDLIFE chapter and volunteered at free dental clinics.
  • I Am a Researcher

    Many students consider becoming a doctor. Jacob Bowman was pretty sure that was the right path for him when he came to Otterbein University - that is until he found himself asking a simple, yet extremely complicated, question in his first biology class: “What is life?” This question has led him down a new path and to a unique research opportunity.