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Alumna Debuts One-Man Play at Emerging Artist Fest

Story by Meredith Ulmer '13

While Aleesha Nash majored in speech communications at Otterbein, she was always interested in art history, vocal performance and painting. After graduating, she attended graduate school at New York University for speech and interpersonal communication. Soon, she was ready to branch out into the world of playwriting.

During one of Nash’s art history courses at Otterbein, she was introduced to the world of Van Gogh and began doing research on her own. She found a more compassionate side where he cared about the people in his life, the world of art and God.

Nash became particularly interested in letters written by Vincent Van Gogh. She wrote her play, Yours Truly, Vincent, to bring to life these 900 letters written by Van Gogh to his family, close friends and acquaintances. Through the letters, the audience experiences the kindness and meaning behind the somewhat mysterious life of Van Gogh.

Yours Truly, Vincent is a one-person show that is scheduled to be featured in the One-Man Talking category at the Emerging Artist Theatre (EAT) 2013 festival at TADA! Theater in March 2013.

Nash truly enjoys her new profession as a playwright. She is excited to put together her knowledge of research along with her love of performing and creating a stage play.

“It is like having my cake and eating it, too,” she said. “I feel like I am working on something creative but contributing something to the academic world.”

While sitting in her classes at Otterbein, Nash discovered the art of listening and said it is something that has helped her in her professional life. As a student, she also learned the importance of doing work outside of class and applies these lessons to not only playwriting but everything else in her life.

Nash’s advice to young students trying to make it in the arts is to not be afraid of rejection and to put yourself out there. She said that there is a place for everyone and to not let fear hold you back.

“Just keep going; actions inform us,” Nash said.

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