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Peggy Griffith

Math Teacher, Graduate Student is Changing How Her Students Learn

Peggy Griffith teaches because she wants to maximize the potential of every student by becoming a better math educator. There’s a name for passionate graduate scholars like Peggy Griffith -- she’s a game changer.

She’s a high school math teacher at St. Francis DeSales High School in Columbus. She’s also a student herself, pursuing a Master of Arts in Educational Mathematics at Otterbein University.

“I thought that a program focused on educational mathematics for math teachers could be applied to my classroom teaching immediately. I felt like I could be a better teacher by applying the information I would learn from this program,” she explained.

She’s used some of the proofs covered in her graduate courses in her high school classroom. “There are some techniques learned in Number Theory that I plan to use later in the year. I have also been able to apply some of the ideas covered in the Education classes, such as using the Socrative.com app with my students. I have used it for assessments and for review activities,” she said.

Making a bold move to be challenged in graduate school was daunting at first. “It had been some time since I was an undergrad, and I was afraid I would not be able to keep up with the work and be successful. Dr. Tong was the professor for my first class and he was so encouraging and supportive. After the first few classes, my fear was gone. Dr. Tong was very patient and was able to explain difficult concepts very clearly. He and the other professors have been very willing to help in any way,” she said.

She advises others that “it might seem intimidating at first, but even if it has been a long time since you have taken classes, you can do it!”

Griffith is committed to completing the program in two years. “My family, my teaching career and my graduate courses are all very important to me,” she said. “The courses have been offered at convenient times for my schedule, and taking one or two courses at a time have been manageable. My free time is very limited right now, so I try to be as organized as possible. My family has been very supportive.”

While she’s earning her master’s degree, she’s also mastering her future. “I will be qualified to teach the Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses in high school, such as AP Calculus. I would also be able to teach at a community college,” she stated.

For our graduate scholars, the lesson is simple. Whether you want to stand at the smart board or wish to stand before the school board, graduate study at Otterbein prepares you to lead. Change the game and master your future at Otterbein.

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