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A Quiet Dominance: Stroyne Nearing End of Historical Career

In the world of competitive sports, almost all have strived at one point or another to become dominant. Players, coaches and teams as a whole often develop and share a common goal of somehow, someday emerging as a noticeable force in their craft. Most eventually settle into certain roles, but an elite few are able to reach that peak and become the best.

Institutions and organizations at any level, in any sport, all see this type of dominance at some point, oftentimes not fully realizing or appreciating the impact until after it has departed. Throughout the last three-plus years of Otterbein University athletics, dominance has carried a racket and worn a visor. It has quietly, yet confidently, maneuvered the course of competition and come out unscathed nearly every time. To Otterbein, dominance has come in the form of senior women's tennis player Julie Stroyne.

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