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A ten-year old Nigerian boy’s dreams coming true because of Otterbein

William O. Olotu, Nigeria
MSAH Student

“I decided to choose Otterbein University as my liberator in achieving my American dream. … Professor follow-up assignments, brilliant blackboard discussions, student diversity, and career specific leadership training have enhanced my knowledge, skills, and prepared me as a future leader.”

I was born in the city of Ile-Ife, an ancient Yoruba city in south-western Nigeria, the city known worldwide for its ancient and natural bronze, stone and terracotta sculptures. Family is my greatest assets while growing up, blessed with a courteous parent, and my father believed that a man’s wealth is not measured by the number of cars or houses owned, but by the number of children he paid their tuition through college. This ideology became the driving force behind my determination to be the best, and climb the highest possible height in any future career.  At age ten I was inspired to become a Physical Therapist after a broken bone sent me to a rehabilitation clinic.

The road to success is not always smooth, and there have been enormous challenges on my part to the successful completion of a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy from Obafemi Awolowo University in 2010. It was one of the proudest day of my life, the laughter and smile on my parent’s face during my induction ceremony was a reflection of my hard work to make them proud. It also set me up for a bigger challenge on how to make it life-long journey of an admirable career. After practicing as a fresh graduate for two years, I was awestruck with love, and couldn’t resist the opportunity of living with the love of my life in a reputable country that turns dream into reality.   

Relocating to United State was a risk and challenge for me, because Ohio licensing board will not allow me to practice as a PT. United State educational system showed me the deficit in my professional and general coursework and the need arises for me to go back to school before I can practice in the state of Ohio. After several months of soliloquizing and researching different graduate school opportunity, I am forever grateful to Otterbein University’s staff and member, the dean and lecturers of department of health & sports sciences for the exceptional educational, leadership, and professional training that had greatly improved my clinical knowledge, professional ethics, and leadership skills. I am now confident to go and pursue my physical therapy license, get certified and continue to aspire a leadership role in the field of physical therapy profession.