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Alumna Receives Outstanding Stage Manager Award

Abbey Bay '12 was recently awarded outstanding stage manager at the New York Innovation Theatre. What led Abbey to this nomination was her involvement with the Jackson Heights Trilogy, which was a set of three shows, that all happened during the same time in Theatre 167. 

This chaotic performance involved 43 actors in 96 different roles throughout the play, which made it one of Abbey's most hectic projects that she has been involved in during her time spent in New York. 

“We're sort of the unseen, what the audience doesn’t see behind the stage,” Abbey said. “It's really sweet that I got recognized for it because no one really knows what goes on.” 

Abbey has lived in New York City for the past two years and has work for about 15-18 different companies that are mostly off-Broadway, smaller shows. 

“The smaller shows are about 150-seat theatres and are more passion projects, It's a little bit more fun -  it's more of the artsy world,” Abbey said. 

With all of her hands-on experience at Otterbein, Abbey felt comfortable coming right out of college into the theatre production world. With her passion for theatre, focusing on design technology has given her the chance to be involved with acting, but to not be the center of attention. 

No matter what direction Abbey’s career may take her, she hopes to always stay in the theatre industry.