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Alumnus Honored for Care of Young Patient

By Joshua Hartley ‘13

Dave Dziedzicki ’10 has a big effect on his patients, just as Otterbein had a big effect on him. Dziedzicki, an athletic trainer with OhioHealth Sports Medicine recently won OhioHealth’s most prestigious honor – a Prism Award. Out of more than 5,000 associate nominations, Dziedzicki won the award for his personal attention to a young patient. 

Fifteen-year-old Grayson Biglin, a Worthington Kilbourne football, basketball and lacrosse athlete, was seen by Dziedzicki for typical bumps, bruises and injuries that come with playing three sports. After an unresolved football injury, the teen was diagnosed with testicular cancer and immediately endured rounds of intense chemotherapy. Dziedzicki visited Biglin several times in the hospital to play Xbox, bring him lunch and just hang out. Biglin is now cancer free and has returned to school, basketball and lacrosse training. Dziedzicki continues to make sure he stays safe at every practice and game. 

“He used his time with his mentors to begin to understand that oftentimes it is the personal relationships that you forge with athletes and colleagues that really mean the most in terms of what you can become as a professional,” said Otterbein Health and Sport Sciences assistant professor Shelley Payne.

Dziedzicki says that Otterbein professors helped prepare him for his career. 

“Otterbein had a big effect on me, even after graduation,” Dziedzicki says. 

His professors persuaded him to attend graduate school to achieve a master’s degree and even helped him obtain his job with OhioHealth.

“We were very lucky to have such a top-notch quality student graduate from our program. Dave represents what I consider to be the ideal and model, athletic training professional,” said Joan Rocks, Health and Sport Sciences chair and Athletic Training Program director.

Dziedzicki continues to call Otterbein and the Westerville community home after moving back upon completing graduate school. 

“The best thing about Otterbein was the community,” Dziedzicki says. “I made all of my best friends at Otterbein. I knew I wanted to move back to Westerville.”

OhioHealth, Biglin, Otterbein, and the Westerville Community, are all glad he did.