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Award-Winning Part-Time Faculty Member Makes a Full-Time Impact This Fall

Award-Winning Part-Time Faculty Member Makes a Full-Time Impact This Fall

By Kaitlyn Garner ’17


Suzanne Schier-Happell has a lot to be thankful for. This past year, she was awarded the Part Time Faculty Teaching Award from Otterbein, and this fall, she will start her new journey as a full-time faculty member.

Schier-Happell started her career at Otterbein in 2008 as the assistant director of sponsored programs. In 2009, she joined the faculty as a part-time instructor, teaching religion and philosophy. She held both positions until 2010, when she left her first assistant director job to juggle positions as a part-time faculty member at various institutions, including Otterbein.

She has seen many of her students apply her teachings to their careers and daily lives, which she feels is her greatest contribution to an Otterbein education.

Schier-Happell said it is rewarding to know her students can take her teachings in to any career path they choose.

“I am proudest of the self awareness my students develop, as well as awareness of others, that they can take with them into their futures.”

Being recognized as a part-time faculty member was really touching to Schier-Happell. She said it felt as if Otterbein was giving her “a big hug” and recognizing her efforts.

She hopes to continue her success as she transitions to her full-time position in the fall and focuses all her professional time and energy into teaching at Otterbein.

Schier-Happell said she is very grateful to Otterbein for allowing her to teach others and be included in such a positive, supportive and inviting environment.

“I am very appreciative Otterbein has given me the opportunity to do what I love.” 

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