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Cards get involved in more than 100 different ways

Cards get involved in more than 100 different ways

At Otterbein, there’s something for everyone.

Whether it’s getting active, volunteering, becoming a leader or being part of an organization, we know you will find your place to get involved, have fun and make a difference. With more than 100 opportunities to choose from, Cards get involved.

The African American Student Union (AASU) has been offering new programs and events this past year to not only engage individual students, but to foster collaboration between groups.

“We want students to know our programs are open to everyone on campus, regardless of your background,” said junior Jordan Hawkins, vice president of AASU. “No matter your beliefs you should have an open forum to express and discuss them with fellow students.”

AASU partnered with groups like the Heritage of Latino Americans (HOLA) and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies program to jointly plan and execute on campus events, demonstrating their mission of collaboration. Hawkins stresses that these connections between groups of students is vital in maintaining a healthy discussion about race and equality, especially during the current political climate.

“We have lots of plans for future programs to engage the entire Otterbein community this semester and next year. The diversity and inclusion message emphasized by the university is great, but it’s really important we put it in our own hands and words to make a lasting impression,” said Hawkins.


Are you ready to get involved while making new friends and having a great time, too? Learn more about all the ways Cards get involved at Otterbein and take a fun quiz to see what groups might interest you on our New Cardinals website.