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DareCardy to Make a Difference

DareCardy to Make a Difference

Ready to play “Truth or Dare” – Otterbein style?

The truth is, you can make a difference on April 26. On this day, the community will be invited to vote on one of three dares for Cardy to fulfill.

These dares range from compassionate, adventurous and silly; the dare that receives the most support at the end of the day will be declared the winner!

The first dare will send Cardy and the Otterbein cheerleading squad to Nationwide Children’s Hospital! They will help spread cheer among some of the bravest kids in town. Otterbein will capture the reaction as our team shares their passion.

The second dare has Cardy parachuting out of a plane! Help Cardy spread his wings as this will be surely captured on film for Cardy’s “first flight.”

The third dare will have Cardy surprising Dean Bob Gatti with an office packed full of balloons! Dean Gatti’s seen and heard it all — but he hasn’t seen an office filled to the brim with balloons. He may know it’s coming, but we get the fun of deciding when! Dean Gatti’s reaction will be a can’t miss moment and will be documented for all to see.

Let the truth be known on April 26 for which dare you want Cardy to fulfill. To see more, visit www.otterbein.edu/darecardy.