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Didinger ’20 first Ohio student awarded the National Association of Educational Office Professionals scholarship

Didinger ’20 first Ohio student awarded the National Association of Educational Office Professionals scholarship

By Meagan Van Stone ‘19

Otterbein accounting sophomore Julie Didinger has always felt passionate about her school work.

“I enjoy learning more about my field of study each and every day. I try to better understand the material each day by studying and reviewing notes, homework, reading textbooks, etc. I want to succeed in my career, and in order to do so, I feel as though I must fully understand the material, in which I enjoy doing,” she said

Didinger is from Danville, Ohio. As a high school senior, she applied for several scholarships for college. She wanted to get as many scholarships as possible so she continued to apply for anything she was qualified to receive. Didinger eventually received scholarships that made her want to continue to apply when she got into college.

Applying for several different scholarships has paid off for Didinger as she just received the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) scholarship. Didinger is the first college student from Ohio to receive this scholarship.

“I feel so honored to be the first person from Ohio to receive this scholarship. This scholarship will help towards my tuition,” she said.

The NAEOP provides professional growth opportunities, leadership and service for employees in education through a specifically-designed certification program, quality training, a network for sharing information and ideas, recognition of achievements and fellowship. In order to receive this scholarship, students must be pursuing an educational office-related business program, either graduating from high school or an institution of higher education, maintain a GPA of 2.8 or higher during the scholarship year and be nominated by an NAEOP affiliate.

At Otterbein, Didinger easily met the scholarship criteria and also has been involved on campus by joining the Van Sant Leadership program as a fellow, peer mentoring program, Otterbein Business Association and as the Otterthon charity dance marathon financing director.

“I think getting involved on campus is very important to your experience at Otterbein. It is very important to get involved in organizations that are related to your career because networking and meeting people in your career is very important to your success as a college student and when you are looking for an internship or eventually a job,” Didinger said.

Her advice for all high school students is to apply for as many scholarships your senior year as you can because you never know where it might lead.

“Now that I have received this scholarship from NAEOP, I will continue to apply for more throughout my time at Otterbein. I think everyone should apply, apply, apply!”

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