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Dual Admission Program from Columbus State and Otterbein saves students money

Dual Admission Program from Columbus State and Otterbein saves students money

Columbus State Community College and Otterbein University have partnered to offer an extraordinary alternative to Central Ohio students. Through a new Dual Admission Program, students can earn both an associate degree from Columbus State and a bachelor degree from Otterbein for less than half what it usually costs to earn a bachelor degree from a four-year public institution.

Both Otterbein and Columbus State have a demonstrated history of working to keep higher education affordable. In fact, neither school has raised tuition in at least four years. The Dual Admission Program takes affordability to the next level by allowing students to earn two degrees for less than half of the cost of a single, four-year degree at an Ohio public university. The Dual Admission Program makes it possible for students to graduate with far less debt than the average student loan debt in Ohio ($30,239) and the average student loan debt nationally ($30,100). Students participating in the Dual Admission Program save money by completing their first two years of study at Columbus State’s low tuition rate. Once they have earned their associate degree and have a minimum GPA of 2.75 they transition to Otterbein to complete their bachelor program. Otterbein will provide students with a $17000 per year scholarship.  Student savings increase by living at home while attending college.

Building on the strong articulation agreement between Columbus State and Otterbein, the Dual Admission Program streamlines the processes of applying for admission and transferring credits. A single-application process for admission to both Columbus State and Otterbein is used to ensure easy application submission. A joint academic advisor will help make sure students are taking the correct courses at each school and to ensure all requirements are met to earn both an associate and bachelor degree. Once studies at Columbus State are complete, students are enrolled in a Transfer Year Seminar course at Otterbein with a special curriculum designed to support the campus transition.

Student in the Dual Enrollment program will have access to campus life at both Columbus State and Otterbein. While taking classes at Columbus State, students will already be considered an Otterbein student, as well. Professional development and internship opportunities at each campus are available throughout the program’s entirety. Students have full access to resources such as the library, computer labs and fitness centers at both campuses. Columbus State and Otterbein University are committed to providing students with a unified student experience.

Columbus State Community College and Otterbein University are ready to help every step of the way. Apply Now to take advantage of all the Dual Enrollment Program has to offer. 

For more information on the Dual Admission Program, visit the official website.