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Three Students Intern at Nationwide, a Fortune 100 Company

Four Students Intern at Nationwide, a Fortune 100 Company

By Alli Bates ’16

Otterbein’s Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) works hard to create partnerships with central Ohio businesses to provide pathways to internships and jobs for Otterbein students.

Some internships for seniors turn into full-time employment after graduation, as Miles Farwick ’14 learned after interning at Columbus-based Nationwide, a Fortune 100 company, and receiving an offer of full-time employment afterward.

This summer, Nationwide hosted four interns from Otterbein: Michael Williams, Carson Wassmuth, Chase Moyer and Jenna Kelly.

“My role was as an internal audit intern. I started out by scheduling client meetings for my team and attending these meetings to learn about the internal processes that were being audited,” said Williams.

“As an internal audit intern at Nationwide you are expected to be a sponge, to learn as much as possible throughout your experience,” said Wassmuth.

During Nationwide internships, interns are treated as a full time employee and given high-profile, high-impact assignments to complete.

“The work that I have been assigned challenges me to exercise my critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.  You really get hands-on experience of what a large corporate environment looks like and what they expect of new employees,” said Wassmuth.

Williams was assigned controls to test around Nationwide reinsurance agreements and processes. He conducted his own meetings with members of the reinsurance team to ensure the internal controls they owned were mitigating the risks they were assigned.

“I was also a part of an initiative in Nationwide to try and find ways to reduce print and postage costs throughout the enterprise. This involved going to Grove City to Nationwide’s Document Solutions Center to observe the processes that go on there. I interviewed workers there and the deliverable was to identify deficiencies as well as in what volumes they occurred,” said Williams.

Williams learned about Nationwide Internal Audit through an email from Greg Jordan, senior vice president in the Office of Internal Audit. Jordan hosts “meet and greet” sessions on campus for students interested in internship opportunities.  Williams attended a meet and greet and followed up by submitting his resume through the application process in Cardinal Careers through the CCPD.

“I was notified that they wanted to interview me and I was interviewed by Greg Jordan, (Audit Director) John Scialabba, and (Audit Consultant) Brian Cave. I was expecting a second interview, but didn’t hear anything right away. So I was very diligent about following up and keeping in contact. I was eventually notified that they wanted to pursue a three month internship opportunity with me starting May 18,” said Williams.

Students are asked to share their internship experiences with the CCPD so that the CCPD can continue building its outreach to local businesses and expand its intern placements.


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