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Good Day Columbus at The Point at Otterbein

Good Day Columbus at The Point at Otterbein

It was an early morning for organizers of Otterbein’s Engineering Solutions Summer Camps at The Point when reporter Cameron Fontana visited on June 26.

That morning, Otterbein’s instructors and students arrived early to give Fontana a preview of some of the camp’s activities on live broadcast segments for Good Day Columbus. Assistant Professor Mike Hudoba and Makerspace and Laboratory Manager Curtis Smith walked Fontana through several demonstrations throughout the morning.

In addition to 3D scanning Fontana’s head, instructors and students showed off a cardboard prototype of a video game console, 3D printers in action, a catapult that campers would be working on that week, and even demonstrated how the Egyptians used engineering concepts to move 15 ton blocks of stone through sand.

Fontana took home a miniature plastic bust of his head and a set of glasses with the Good Day Columbus logo etched on them.

The Point’s STEAM Powered Summer Camps introduced young learners to basic science, technology, engineering, arts and math concepts, with the guidance of Otterbein engineering students.

Many of Otterbein’s engineering students are spending their summers interning at such companies as Nestle, Honda, Worthington Industries, and even Nikola Labs, a resident of The Point that is leading the way for wireless charging technology.

The Point at Otterbein hosts a variety of STEAM-related events for all age groups. To arrange a tour or discuss partnership opportunities, contact Executive Director Erin Bender at ebender@otterbein.edu.


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