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Graduate Faculty Close Up

When you meet Otterbein’s nursing professor, Jackie Haverkamp, her dedication to faith, career, and family are easy to spot. 

There is a deep calmness you will experience while in Jackie’s presence. You can easily imagine her being calm with patients she tends to in clinical practice, students she supervises in a clinical experience, or being patient with her three, beloved grandchildren while enjoying an “adventure day”. And yet, over the last 5 years, while working full time; she completed a post master’s certificate as a nurse practitioner, a post master’s certificate in nursing education and a Doctorate of Nursing Practice. 

Jackie loves all three of her roles as a professor, clinician and health policy advocate. She balances her career and personal life by” looking for opportunities to serve Christ. I feel that God places me with people and in situations where I can be of service”. And she fishes. She started as a fisherwoman at age four using a cane pole. She and her best friend/husband, Dave, love to travel and fish for bass. And if a bass is lucky enough to be caught by Jackie – he will get released back into the water! (after a brief photo shoot of course)

Fish aren’t the only lucky ones who get to interact with Jackie. As a practicing family nurse practitioner, Jackie works with people of all ages in a primary care provider setting. Reflecting on her past work in the emergency room, she speaks about being greatly touched by young persons who were admitted with suicide attempts. “I hope that my presence and words helped them learn to value themselves. And learn that relationships are seasoned over time and will always have ups and downs.”

Her passion for improving patient care has led her to serve on the Ohio Action Coalition for the BSN workforce initiative. After reading research about the improvement in patient care given by BSN and MSN prepared nurses; Jackie felt it would be unethical to not act on the research and so she joined the coalition.

To better mentor and serve her students Jackie ” reaches out to faculty across campus. I worked with Melissa Bell in theater to learn to make voice over digital media powerpoints and worked with Shannon Lakanen in English around the art of story-telling and creating digital media videos. Clare Kilbane in education and I explored ways to create portfolios beyond our platform; so I could teach my administration students how to set up resumes that would entice future employers”. 

“I have a great appreciation for the faculty minds we have here at Otterbein and I like to work with colleagues across campus.” 

She hopes to spark in her students the desire to keep learning. ”When I finished my DNP, I realized how much there still is to explore and learn and DNPs are supposed to be terminal degrees!”

Jackie is a strong woman who truly “lives her values”. So, keep your eye out for her, see where you can find her- in the classroom, blogging with her online class, in a collaborate session, at the State House, fishing on a quiet lake, romping with grandchildren, at the clinic, in prayer, talking with her daughters, mentoring a graduate student, …. Wherever you find her – she will offer you the opportunity to be heard and inspired.