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Graduate Gains Confidence, Skills to Advance Career

Life sometimes gets in the way for adult learners and they start and finish their education at different stages. On and off over the last 20 years, Allison Humbertson has juggled her family, career and education successfully. She graduated on Sunday, May 18 with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies in Business Psychology.

“As a single parent raising three kids, my first focus was providing for them which meant working diligently and looking for opportunities,” Allison said. Like many women of her generation, she found that taking time off to raise a family also meant going to the bottom of the career ladder and starting over. “When I started working at Ohio State as a typist many years ago, I was very happy to have a great paying job with solid benefits. I was presented with many opportunities to excel and be promoted. I took a few years off after the birth of my second child and was back in the workforce starting at an entry level position, but worked my way up again,” she remembers.

She admits she wasn’t sure when she started taking classes at Otterbein that she had a solid plan. That changed when she learned more about the curriculum and professors.

“I love psychology and I’m intrigued about how people function. I also felt that business would give me a solid foundation for my current career as well as that of my future plans of starting a business. The degree completion program was helpful in that it laid out what I needed to take and when,” she said.

Allison is now employed at JPMorgan Chase as a project manager. “Many of the classes have given me great insight to my approach here at work. I do feel though that it has given me confidence with the additional background to start my own business now that I have some additional tools,” she added. “I think that returning to college has given me confidence that I can do anything and to be an example to my children that education and enhancing yourself is important.”

As her youngest child gets ready to leave the nest, Allison is grateful for the support of her family and credits them for her success. “My children provided an immense amount of support. I could not have done this without them.”

She has ambitious plans for the next stage in her life. “I will continue my work at JPMorgan Chase and to support my children and their goals. I plan to live closer to my parents and start my own business,” she adds.