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I am a Free Spirit

When it comes to choosing a college, we know there are a lot of options to consider. Jacqlyn Schott didn’t even consider Otterbein until a prom-dress shopping trip to Columbus, Ohio got her on campus. 

“I wasn’t even going to tour Otterbein at first. I live two hours away, and I was making sure no one else would get my prom dress. So we came up here, and I thought it would be unfair to rule Otterbein out without taking a tour,” she said.

Jacqlyn found that Otterbein was different from the other schools she visited, and she instantly fell in love with it. She found that Otterbein is completely focused on the students.

“It was really all about what can Otterbein do for you rather than what you can do for Otterbein,” she said. “I really loved Otterbein’s focus on students, what they can bring, and what Otterbein can do to get them here, to make sure their experience is a wonderful experience.”

Jacqlyn was already an English major when she heard about a new major called Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

“That particular program has helped shape me and given me a voice. It’s helped me come into who I am and given me words for things I couldn’t verbalize,” she said.

The new, individualized major encouraged her to take classes she would never have been exposed to otherwise. For Jacqlyn, it was a life-changing experience, who said her favorite Otterbein memory was participating in the Bodies That Move course.

“(Professor Christeen Stridsberg) brought in her co-director of her dance company. It was just a free-movement workshop. They turned on music, there weren’t any words, just an ambient sound. They just said, ‘Move however you want. You can read from a book we placed here. You can dance, you can walk, you can observe. You can do whatever you want,’” she remembered. 

“Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a dancer. But, I let my own body images and concerns hold me back. But I let myself go for that workshop. That is was Otterbein is all about - it’s about helping you grow, helping you come outside of yourself.”