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I am a Musician

Leondra is proud to be a Cardinal. She is also honored to be the first person in her family to attend college and was pleased to receive an IB scholarship and Music talent scholarship. This year she earned the position as principle second violinist in the Otterbein string orchestra. Taking her passion for music out into the world, she held a two-year internship position with PromoWest Productions, where she met and worked with prominent musical figures. She served as a National Marketing Rep for “The Syndicate” - a large marketing firm for musicians, record labels and other forms of entertainment such as comedians (Ian Black, George Lopez, etc.) On campus she keeps busy as the Music Promotions Coordinator at WOBN; Alternative Revolt International Relations Coordinator; the Music and Romance Marketing Director; The Cardinal Launch Concert (CLC) event planner and head chairperson; and the MLA (Music Life Alive) founder and chairperson. The MLA Tour, features artists (hip hop, rock, alternative, electronic, etc) from select central Ohio four-year colleges. “I feel important, significant, and wanted at Otterbein,” said Leondra. “I just love doing it all.”