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I am a Painter

Artistic, curious, and caring, Kathleen Quigley has certainly painted a great picture of what her Otterbein experience has looked like. Kathleen, who serves as Resident Assistant, holds the Social Chair and public relations position on the Executive Board of the Otterbein FreeZone, and has also worked with the Tan & Cardinal student newspaper. Kathleen has always remained proud to be a member of the Otterbein community. “All of the professors are really great, intelligent people who have inspired me in one way or another,” said Quigley. “My Art professors especially, because they push me to really think outside of the box and dive a little deeper into the meanings and possibilities of my work.” Kathleen, who expresses that she has found her place at Otterbein and can’t wait to see where the experiences will take her, would advise an incoming student to take some risks. “Be daring and don’t be afraid to dive right into whatever interests you,” Quigley explained. “I guarantee that you will find an incredible amount of support in anything you choose to experience.”