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I am a Philosopher

Beth came to Otterbein with a goal that’s common among students – get the education needed to find a job. What she found was an experience that changed the way she viewed the world. 

“I got the opportunity to live in Sri Lanka for six weeks during the summer of 2010. Two other students and I put together care packages (school supplies, clothing items, etc) for a girls’ orphanage. We then visited the orphanage to deliver the packages," she said. "It was an incredibly moving experience. The girls were so excited that we were visiting, and were very grateful for the gifts. They put on a few performances (singing, dancing) to show their appreciation. Experiences like this make you take a step back to look at your life and appreciate everything you have been fortunate enough to have.” 

It was by chance that Beth became interested in philosophy. 

“I took my first philosophy class with Andrew Jordan (political philosophy). Because I enjoyed his class so much, I took his Integrative Studies philosophy class. The semester after taking this course, I declared my philosophy major," she said. "Last semester, I took another political philosophy course with Stephanie Patridge, in which we focused on global poverty and human rights. This became the subject of my honors thesis, and the area I plan on studying in graduate school."

All of Beth’s hard work paid off. She received an 'A' on her honor’s thesis and presented at an undergraduate philosophy conference at The Ohio State University. She was offered funding for her graduate work at Georgia State University, where she will continue her work on political philosophy as the Jean Beer Blumenfeld Scholar in Legal and Political Philosophy.

“I’ve realized that there is so much more to education than just personal success. I see my education now as a means to understand the world in a deeper sense, in order to make it a better place for everyone. My education has helped shaped and deepen my personal, political and philosophical values. I really want to make a difference in the world, to help ensure that everyone is given the capabilities to live a flourishing and fulfilling life.”