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I am a Science Teacher

When she was choosing where to go to college, Kristen McCann knew she wanted to be a name and not a number. And that’s exactly what she found at Otterbein University. 

“(At Otterbein) they care about my education,” Kristen said. “I love the small campus feel, and everybody knows everybody. It’s more comfortable than anywhere else I visited.”

Kristen came to Otterbein as biology and life science education double major, but she had her doubts about whether or not that was the right path for her. But she started the classes and met a professor, who, unknowingly, put Kristen to the test. 

“I am most proud of my independent study I did with Dr. (Jennifer) Bennett (assistant professor of biology and earth science),” Kristen said. “She contacted me and asked if I would want to work with two pairs of middle school students on their science fair projects in the microbiology lab. I said yes, even though it honestly scared me. I did it anyway and it was one of the best things I will do throughout my four years at Otterbein.” 

“I learned so much from (the eighth-grade students). I think they sometimes taught me more than I taught them,” Kristen said. “It solidified for me that I am absolutely in the right program, doing what I really want to do with my life and career.”

Outside of class, Kristen plays trombone in the marching band and was named a section leader.

When she thinks back on her decision to come to Otterbein, Kristen said, “It’s definitely been a good thing.”