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I am Accepted

Aesha’s background, culture and faith are very important to her. At Otterbein University, Aesha has felt accepted and respected. 

“Wearing a cover is something different about me. I came here and everyone was really welcoming and accepted how I am. They did not judge what I’m wearing. I felt at home. When I first came to Otterbein, I didn’t get that look, then the second look because of what I’m wearing. It was one of my best memories, to have that freedom, to feel that, ‘Yes, they accept me the way I am.’”

Otterbein has been full of opportunities for Aesha, who is the president and founder of Otterbein’s Muslim Student Association. She is also a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB). 

“I am proud of being an Otterbein student. As a freshman I’ve accomplished so many things. I’m really proud of creating the Muslim Student Association on campus.” 

Aesha has taken advantage of Otterbein’s commitment to service. 

“The reason I volunteer is to help people. I believe that helping people can change the world. I love working with people and try to help them if they need it because I believe that almost everyone on earth needs help in some point. Also, makes me feel close to God because he always helps us and we should help his creation.”

She advises students to be “active, open-minded, take advantage of resources on and off campus. Contact your advisers because they can help almost with anything you need. Try to manage your time and don’t forget that education is one of the top reasons that we are here.”