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I am an Actor

During Pascal’s third visit to Otterbein and an evening spent in a dress rehearsal for an upcoming dance show, he realized that Otterbein had talent! “It was obvious that there was some serious talent bring harbored and trained here. My decision was made.” Since then he’s enjoyed an improv workshop from a visiting coach from NYC while picking and choosing what classes he wants to take to really customize the major with the guidance of his professors. The stage is not the only place Pascal shines. Combining a host of skills he serves as president of Pi Beta Sigma, is part of the Otterbein Student-Faculty Senate and was recently elected onto the Governance, Bylaws, and communication committee. He works as a Host and Tour Guide, Serendipity Ice Cream & Coffee House in Uptown, and during the summer of his freshman year, worked with Otterbein Summer Theatre. He is also a part of the Theater Department’s Cap & Dagger. He recently participated in the Sierra Service Project as a construction coordinator in California, his home state.