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I am an Adult Learner

Let’s face it - college students are busy. This reality may hold most true for adult learners, like Jacqueline Bravo, who are trying to balance a full-time job, children, a spouse, a home and school. Otterbein University understands that adult learners have a lot on their plate, and it is committed to supporting its students every step of the way.

“I didn’t feel lost here. Someone took me by the hand and told me what classes to take,” Jacqueline said. “I feel appreciated, and I appreciate what they are doing for me right now. I do feel that individualized attention when I come here.” 

Otterbein is convenient for Jacqueline, and not just because it is located near her home. It’s not easy to go to work and then go to class after a long day, but Otterbein makes education accessible for adult learners. Otterbein’s small size and friendly faculty and students helped Jacqueline feel at home and comfortable in her classes with traditional-age students.

“The teachers are nice. They don’t make you feel different from the other students in the class. I feel part of the class even though I look older,” she said. “It’s nice to be with younger generations, and I think sometimes it’s nice to have an older person in class to share information. They share their points of view and hear someone with a bit more experience, so it’s a nice combination.”

Jacqueline said she feels like she’s part of a family at Otterbein. 

“I have become attached to the people here, and I think they feel the same way,” she said. 

Jacqueline’s advice for other adult learners is to “meet as many people as you can from many different backgrounds, you won’t regret doing this!”