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LEAD-1000 continues Otterbein “Lock in Your Love” Tradition

LEAD-1000 continues Otterbein “Lock in Your Love” Tradition

After March 30, students’ tuition doesn’t cover critical aspects of their education such as scholarships and financial aid, extracurricular experiences, Cardinal athletics, intramurals and Otterbein’s world-class liberal arts based curriculum. These experiences and more are paid for by donors who contribute to Otterbein students’ future education.

Students are heavily reliant on the generosity of donors for the ability to attend Otterbein. These donors are typically alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends of the university. However, the need for student giving is just as important.

“Without the support of The Otterbein FUND I wouldn’t have the great opportunities that I’ve had through the student organizations I’m involved with at Otterbein,” said senior Maddie Hill and recent donor. “My college career wouldn’t have been the same.”

Students can easily lock in their love for Otterbein with a donation on the Lock in Your Love website. As an added bonus, graduating seniors who give a $20.17 gift by April 16, will receive a cardinal and gold philanthropy cord to wear at commencement.

A group of students in Maria Tarbell’s LEAD - 1000, Finding Your Leadership Potential class created this video to ask students if their love for Otterbein was worth $1. What they found was an overwhelming response of “yes!” The majority of students said they would give more.

Because of this initiative, President Krendl has committed $2,500 if the students in the class can reach their goal of 217 student donors, and the push already has several departments, organization and athletes committed to locking in their love for Otterbein through the hard work of the class.

“I’m really excited to continue to raise awareness for the campaign,” stated Olivia Craigo, one of students in the Leadership Potential class. “Otterbein has impacted so many people in such a positive way. The Lock in Your Love campaign provides funding for a lot here on campus, and we’re excited to build on the success we had last year.”

The donations not only contribute to The Otterbein FUND, but also allows Otterbein to report the percentage of student giving. With a greater participation, Otterbein’s reputation will continually be on the rise, increasing the value of an Otterbein education.

Watch the progress of student giving at the Lock in Your Love website.