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Lock in Your Love for Otterbein

Lock in Your Love for Otterbein

The student-lead “Lock in Your Love” campaign is back to bring awareness and support of The Otterbein FUND to the campus. Even in partnership with tuition, students are heavily reliant on the generosity of donors for the ability to attend Otterbein. These donors are typically alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends of the university. However, the need for student giving is just as important.

The donations not only contribute to the Otterbein FUND but also allows Otterbein to report the percentage of student giving. With a high student giving percentage, it forecasts the commitment and belief students have in the university. As those who rank universities cannot poll students, they look at statistics and one of those is student giving. It certifies the students give their stamp of approval to the university. 

This year the goal for Maria Tarbell’s LEAD-1000 class for January, 2017 is to educate the campus community about the importance of The Otterbein FUND and achieve 217 students participating by making a gift to The Otterbein FUND. Whether a $1 or a gift of $20.17 for a philanthropy cord for a graduating senior, it is about education and participation.

“I ‘locked in my love’ for Otterbein because of the diverse and welcoming student body, amazing and attentive professors and challenging and engaging coursework,” said Mikl Wood ‘18. “Although I may not be a traditional student, everyone has made me feel right at home again.”

Visit www.otterbein.edu/lock for further details and to LOCK IN YOUR LOVE today!


  1. If every student gave $5.00 it could provide over $14,000 for student scholarships.
  2. Your gift of $5.00 coupled with 19 of your classmate's gifts allows Otterbein to purchase 20 evergreen trees.
  3. If every senior gave $20.17, Otterbein could provide 17 new computers to current students.
  4. Your $5.00 gift means we can count you as a donor, which helps our ranking in US News and World Report
  5. Gifts of any amount from students, alumni, parents, faculty and staff allow Otterbein to continue to renovate buildings, support campus activities and provide a great educational experience for all students.