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Lydie Dorelien ’15: From Student to Admission Counselor

Lydie Dorelien ’15: From Student to Admission Counselor

By Alli Bates ’16

Lydie Dorelien graduated from Otterbein in May 2015, but she hasn’t left campus. Today, she is a member of Otterbein’s Admission team and gives advice to prospective students interested in attending Otterbein. 

“My job consists of undergraduate recruitment, giving daily presentations, meeting with families and students, making high school visits and attending college fairs,” said Dorelien.

She especially enjoys making connections and meeting families.

“I love being able to help students go to college and make their dream a reality.”

She said the most challenging part of her job is working through financial aid with prospective students and their families. It can be a tough time for families but she works hard to help them any way she can.

Dorelien started her Otterbein career as a nursing major, but quickly learned that her passion was elsewhere.

“I attended a career pathway in healthcare session on campus that spoke about other majors that lead to jobs in the healthcare profession; this is where I learned about public health and then decided to change my major,” she said.

Although she did not think about admissions for a career as a student, her experiences and the connections she made while attending Otterbein make her the perfect ambassador.

“Lisa Phillips, the former director of the Office of Diversity at Otterbein, encouraged me to apply when she found out the Office of Admission had an open position,” said Dorelien. “I told myself that I was not going to because I never saw myself working in that profession. Then Emily Porter, a current admission counselor at Otterbein, encouraged me further to apply.”

Even Otterbein President Kathy Krendl recommended her for the job.

Dorelien was hired for a temporary position in the fall and quickly loved the work, culminating in a full-time position beginning in the spring.

Dorelien spends a lot of time reflecting on her experience at Otterbein and the advice this young alumna has for prospective students really makes an impact on the families she meets.

“Parents appreciate hearing it — especially since I am less than a year out of college — and students love that I’m honest with them.”