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Matthew Predick Leading by Example

Matthew Predick Leading by Example

By Kaitlyn Garner ’17

Matthew Predick ’17, a student in the Otterbein University/Grant Medical Center Nurse Anesthesia Program, is leading by example by maintaining a healthy lifestyle as he prepares for a career as a nurse anesthetist. Recently, Predick won a mini-triathlon.

Predick enjoys being active in his free time and can always be found outside on the go. Along with his wife, he enjoys hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, climbing and just about everything else outdoors.

“Living an active lifestyle is incredibly important to us and I don't think that will ever change,” Predick said.

On June 26, Predick won a mini triathlon held at Alum Creek, a state park located north of Otterbein’s campus. The event was sponsored by Greenswell as part of the Central Ohio Multisport Festival presented by Mount Carmel Sports Medicine Specialists. The race included a 0.25-mile swim, 12.6-mile bike ride and two-mile run.

Predick is currently training for a half Ironman in September and an ultra-marathon that covers a 100 kilometer trail run in October. According to Predick, the mini triathlon was a race to keep the “competitive juices flowing strong.”

He is continuing to increase his running, biking and swimming distances daily. His regimen consists of several one-hour runs per week mixed with a day at the gym doing Crossfit Endurance weight lifting, road biking and swimming.

“Usually Saturdays are the long training days, which can be very therapeutic in dealing with the stress of school and daily life,” said Predick.

He encourages anyone who hasn't done a triathlon to try it.

“The dew on the grass, the sunrise, the final adjustments to the bike, and the atmosphere is calming and exhilarating at the same time.”

Predick believes that pushing your mind and body helps you learn a lot about yourself.

“When you come out of the mountains of Montana after nine hours of pushing the limits physically and psychologically, you feel like you can do just about anything,” he says. “Pushing the limits beyond what you think is possible keeps you coming back for more.”

His future career path to becoming a nurse anesthetist started early. With a family full of healthcare professionals, he can remember his uncle telling him about the career when he was young. As he works toward his goal and graduation, he will keep very busy studying and training for many successes and races to come.

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