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New interactive videos challenge and delight Otterbein MAEM students

New interactive videos challenge and delight Otterbein MAEM students

Jeff Smith, Ph. D, experimented with interactive videos to create a blended experience in MATH 6150: Advanced Geometry for Mathematics Teachers during summer 2017. Using PlayPosit, short movies on important theorems in Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry were produced, punctuated by embedded questions and prompts. Graduate students received immediate feedback on multiple choice questions and contributed free-text to discussion boards. In addition to the analytics automatically generated by PlayPosit, formative assessment based on self-reported progress by students allowed face-to-face instruction to be responsive directly to class needs. MAEM candidates’ comments on this approach to teaching included:

“This strategy was appropriately challenging, and yet I also experienced a lot of success and ah-ha moments.”

“PlayPosit is a terrific tool.  Can you help me learn to use it in my classroom?”

“The interactive videos were informative and entertaining.  I appreciated how engaging - truly engaging - the investigations were.  I’d never seen anything like it.”

To sample the MATH 6150 experience, visit the PlayPosit website.