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New MBA Director Comes Home

Novelist Thomas Wolfe may say that you can't go home again, but Eric Lloyd (MBA’02) begs to differ. Lloyd joined Otterbein in September as the director of the MBA program. He succeeds Don Eskew, who remains chair of the Department of Business, Accounting, and Economics.

Lloyd came home, he says, because he knows first-hand how beneficial the MBA Program is at Otterbein. “I wasn’t looking for a job opportunity,” he says. “And I was humbled to be considered as the MBA director. As a member of the Alumni Advisory Council, I would offer ideas and now, I am excited to have the opportunity to help grow this great program.”

Otterbein’s liberal arts tradition helps embed the MBA students with holistic thinking that begins with the first class and culminates with the final Capstone consulting experience with a local business. Many capstone project clients laud the Otterbein MBA students for their capacity to understand a problem, approach it from multiple angles, and present solutions that the company can implement—all in 15 weeks!

“MBA students typically look for a program that can help them advance in their careers, or position themselves for new careers,” Lloyd says. Central Ohio has grown in the number of MBA programs, since Otterbein’s MBA Program began in 1997, and Lloyd is certain that Otterbein’s program will remain outstanding because of its unique project focus.

“When I was in school, we learned something one night and we were able to apply it at work the next day. Giving our students knowledge and skills they can readily use is a strength of our program, and one that keeps it at the forefront with the competition.”

One aspect of Lloyd’s job is to tell the world about the program. He started already with a LinkedIn group, created by fellow alumni, and plans to keep using “our best marketing tool,” as he calls MBA alumni, to grow and strengthen the program. Lloyd invites alumni and potential students to tie into the Otterbein University MBA LinkedIn group, and to “like” the Graduate School Facebook page to see what’s new with the MBA program. For those alumni who want to be involved, give him a call at 614-823-1445 or email him at elloyd@otterbein.edu.

"Alumni are our best recruiters,” he adds. “Our graduates are all over Central Ohio and many are senior managers and senior level executives. We will look at having some events this year. I hope to see many of our alumni back on campus. I also hope they will invite me to their workplace and introduce me to colleagues who are seeking an MBA.”

The new job isn’t the only thing keeping Lloyd busy. He and his wife, Amy, have a four-month old son, Gabriel, who keeps them both on their toes. Welcome back to Otterbein Lloyd family!