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Noble Transitions celebrates students of color’s academic careers

Noble Transitions celebrates students of color’s academic careers

Being together to celebrate accomplishments is what commencement time at Otterbein is all about. For 19 students, Noble Transitions provides an additional opportunity to reflect before heading off into their careers.

The Noble Transitions program was established 15 years ago at Otterbein. The annual event highlights the accomplishments of senior students of color as well as all other willing senior participants. Noble Transitions serves as a moment of fellowship and celebration as graduates transition to the next chapter of their lives. Students receive a handmade kente cloth to wear during the ceremony and graduation.

Graduating senior Charmaine Mosley is the first of her immediate family to complete a college education. The Health Communication major says that this ceremony is proof to herself that she really can accomplish anything.

“All of us here tonight have had to persevere through tough times but we made it! We not only get to feel our own sense of accomplishment, but we’re able to make our parents proud, too.”

During the ceremony, students have the opportunity to publicly reflect on their Otterbein journey and thank the people who have been instrumental in their success.

“Noble Transitions is amazing because every student gets to feel appreciated and share their success with family, friends and the community,” Mosely added. “Otterbein has created a lot of connections and opportunities for me and this all means so much to me and my family.”

Otterbein’s Director of Diversity James Prysock says that this year’s group of students marks a major milestone for the program.

“This group is very special because there is a larger contingent of international students taking part in the celebration than in the past. It really portrays our university’s mission and demonstrates to the community what we’re all about,” says Prysock. “It’s amazing to me that this all started with just a hand full of African American students and now it encompasses a variety of groups and international students as well.”

The colorful kente cloth presented to each student will hang around their shoulders at commencement this week and will be a visual representation of how bright their futures will be.

“Otterbein invested in me and greatly impacted my life,” said Mosely. “Now I’m ready to go out and do something positive for the world.”

Noble Transition Graduates

  • Heather Brake
  • Claudia Buckle
  • Tyler Cromwell
  • Joshua Daniel
  • Jessica Fite
  • Ta’Neika Francisco
  • Ismahan Hassan
  • Amber Horton
  • Kenleigh Immel
  • Mohammed Impelee
  • Carmelita Ingram
  • Xiaoxi Liu
  • Yi Lu
  • Charmaine Mosley
  • William Olotu
  • Aleth Pashi
  • Linjia Qin
  • Lisa Sterling
  • Chivy Weaner

See photos from the Noble Transitions ceremony in our Flickr gallery.

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