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Nursing Professor Makes Department History

Story by Alisa Hartman '15

Professor John Chovan made Department of Nursing history as the first nursing professor to ever receive the 2013 New Teacher of the Year award. Chovan, the only male professor in the department, described the honor as “an amazing, tear-jerking experience.”

After a 20-year career as an engineer, Chovan decided it was time to move in a different direction – pursuing his passion for teaching and helping others. In the fall of 2011, he joined the faculty at Otterbein and began making a difference in students’ lives.

“The biggest thing that I like is that I really bond with my students. I care about their success. I care about them finding their way. I care helping them,” Chovan said. “If nursing is not their thing, I try to help them find another niche in the world. It’s more about being a whole person and not just being a nurse.” 

What makes Chovan stand out as a teacher is his constant drive, while making his students the best nurses that they can be. 

“I want them to know that it’s a human thing. It’s not about knowing the skills and all the things that have to get done. It’s about spending time with people and that’s why teaching is so important. I care about my students like I care about my patients,” he said. 

Chovan said he wants to see all of his students excel and succeed after college, and truly cares about their happiness and helping them pursue their passion. 

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