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Orientation Leaders guide New Cardinals into campus life

Orientation Leaders guide New Cardinals into campus life

Orientation Leaders (OLs) will be some of the first Otterbein students you’ll meet on campus. They’ve got all the inside information you want and need to know.

OLs are distinguished upper-class students who volunteer their time to prepare for and to welcome new students to campus. Individually, they represent a variety of academic majors, hometowns, extracurricular interests and cultures.

When you arrive on campus for orientation, you will join an orientation group that will consist of 15-20 students and two enthusiastic orientation leaders. Recalling their own experiences of what it was like to be a new student, your orientation leaders have chosen programs that will help you succeed both academically and personally, and they will enable you to meet other new students.

Noah Richelson ’18 is entering his second year as an OL. Before coming to Otterbein, he served as a new student mentor in his high school in Canandaigua, New York. As soon as he met his own OL his first-year, he knew it was something he wanted to do before graduating.

“If I’m passionate about something, I want to share it with everyone I can,” said Richelsen. “I love Otterbein and want to make sure incoming students feel the same way.”

OLs take a semester long class in the spring to focus on leadership theories, strategies and also detailed information on Otterbein. They also participate in several off campus retreats to work on team building exercises and how to think on their feet when asked questions by incoming students. All this culminates at First Flight when new students get their first taste of campus life.

“By the time we’ve gone through all our training, we know this university backwards and forwards. All of my team members are exceptional people with outstanding positive attitudes. We want to make the transition for incoming students as easy and fun as possible,” said Richelsen.

Richelsen adds that becoming an OL was one of the top three best decisions he’s made so far as an Otterbein student.

“We get to bring people together and have fun showing off our campus home at the same time. OLs and First Flight participants always have a great time.”

Meet your 2016 Otterbein Orientation Leaders before arriving on campus online.

Discover more about what your life on campus at Otterbein will be like, including a Frequently Asked Questions section, on the New Cardinals website.