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Otterbein alumna Elisha Boose ’14 applies passion for art in commercial furnishings designs

Otterbein alumna Elisha Boose ’14 applies passion for art in commercial furnishings designs

By Meagan Van Stone ’19

Elisha Boose ’14 remembers when she was younger she would choose to work on her art over school assignments. When she got older, she contemplated whether studying science would be a better plan, but her passion came though.

“Companies will always need things designed, whether it’s products or ways to display them,” said Boose. “Therefore, there will always be a need for an art major.”

When she began think about her future, she knew she wanted to attend a college where she could study art and find new ways to apply it for a career. She found Otterbein University and was drawn to the Department of Art. The department’s approach to instruction was a key point in her decision to become a Cardinal.

“Every school has their own technique on how they teach, but Otterbein let us have free reign,” said Boose. “We had freedom to develop and become an artist at our own pace.”

Since Otterbein has such small and individualized classes, she feels that it made it easier for her to create relationships with professors and learn more. The professors she had continued to encourage her to be herself. She never had a professor tell her “no” or “you can’t do that.” Instead, they encouraged her, which in return allowed her to become an even better artist.

Once she graduated from Otterbein with a bachelor’s degree in art with a minor in art history, her first job was not exactly what she wanted. She wanted a job that was more hands-on so she continued her search and found an opening at Re:work Furnishings in Worthington, Ohio. Re:work specializes in locally made furnishings, with a majority of their products being used in commercial retail spaces and stores. Boose took the job and has fallen in love with it.

“Making things locally has been so neat. This is the dream job I never knew I wanted,” she said.

Boose’s work has been used in some well-known retailers and hot up-and-coming brands such as Homage, Abercrombie and Fitch and BrewDog DogTap. Otterbein helped Boose see the true value of an art degree beyond painting, sculpting or curating. The possibilities are endless.

“It always bothered me when others would ask me, ‘What are you going to do with an art degree?’ when really, I can do anything with it.”

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