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Otterbein alumna Meredith Ulmer ’14 serves up Wendy’s sassy social media

Otterbein alumna Meredith Ulmer ’14 serves up Wendy’s sassy social media

It all started back in 1984 when a little old lady asked the Big Bun fast food restaurant “Where’s the beef?” From that point on, Wendy’s marketing persona was born.

“Wendy’s has always been a little different with our marketing and advertising, dating all the way back to that famous commercial,” said Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist Meredith Ulmer. “We’ve been fortunate to harness that mentality into our social media voice.”

Ulmer, a 2014 Otterbein public relations graduate, was one of the drivers behind Wendy’s Twitter account that was all over the news earlier this year. The @Wendys account began to publicly reply to user messages that other fast food restaurants try to avoid engaging with, like this real interaction for example:

                Twitter User: I don’t have a Wendy’s where I live, what should I do
                Wendy’s: You might consider moving.

The social media world began to take notice of these interactions and they started to go viral. Publications like BuzzFeed and even USA Today began writing articles on their favorite Wendy’s responses and the different take on customer relations. Ulmer says that it was all about being upfront with their audience.

“We wanted to be honest and genuine in our interactions. We’d add some sass in there for humor’s sake but it was really about being authentic and having fun together.”

All that translated into Ulmer being named by Adweek as one of the 10 Branded Content Masters Who Bring True Craft to Consumerism. Only 25 years old, Ulmer is already breaking social media records and earning accolades that she credits Otterbein helping her to achieve.

“I was encouraged so much by all my professors to pursue every internship and job experience that I could while a public relations student. I was able to do some much on campus because of how much they cared about me,” said Ulmer. “I know I wouldn’t have gotten those changes at a larger university where I would have been just a number.”

Ulmer also credits the willingness of Otterbein alumni to help at the beginning of her professional career.

“I had a list of places I wanted like to live and companies I wanted to work for and I contacted alumni there. They all gave me advice and several helped open doors for me that led to my being hired at the Delta Gamma Fraternity national headquarters and L Brands,” she said.

Ulmer still says all her accolades and social media attention with the Wendy’s Twitter account is surreal and would have been hard to imagine just a few years ago. However, Otterbein will always be there to help her push forward to bigger and better things.

“Thanks to all the fantastic experiences and jobs I had at Otterbein, I can now successfully talk to a brick wall if I have to. A school like ours makes it easy for your passions to shine through.”


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