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Otterbein Celebrates Nick Takach as the Model Community Family Award Recipient

Otterbein Celebrates Nick Takach as the Model Community Family Award Recipient

Marine. MBA graduate. Role model. These are just a few of the names attributed to Nick Takach, Otterbein’s 2016 Model Community Family Award recipient. One name that Nick has had longer than most is big brother.

Malerie Takach, a senior at Otterbein majoring in allied health and who nominated Nick for the award, attributes her success to her big brother. Malerie has had quite a successful career at Otterbein as she prepares to graduate in May. She is involved with Otterthon, Kappa Phi Omega, the SOAR orientation team, being an RA, Panhellenic council president and a fourth year senator for the University Student Government.

Even as children, Nick was a role model for Malerie with how he treated everyone around him. In her essay she wrote, “Growing up, I appreciated his compassion and support and knew he always had my back and best interest at heart. He was my protector, my partner in crime and my confidant. He often helped out our elderly neighbors by mowing their lawn or shoveling snow and never sought reward or recognition.”

With this mindset of serving others, Nick joined the Marines and deployed to Iraq for more than a year.

During a short visit home Malerie asked Nick not to go back to Iraq. He responded by, “(Hugging) me, like only a big brother could, and told me that he had to because it was his responsibility to keep me safe.”

Once Nick returned home, he continued to be a role model and inspired Malerie by going back to school and receive a bachelor’s degree and MBA.

“This from the boy who hated school, and now his determination brought him to new heights,” Malerie wrote. “For Nick, studying took hard work and dedication. He found other ways to overcome his fears of schoolwork and challenged himself to new heights.”

“Now that I am grown up, from where I stand, I can see that I owe my success to my big brother Nick. Whenever I feel like I just can't do what is expected, I remember how he helped others without the need for recognition, fought for our freedom through some of the most terrifying times, found ways to success that were not ordinary and persevered despite a daunting challenge.”

Otterbein students were invited to submit an essay about a family member who has taught them a significant lesson that they have applied to their experience at Otterbein. The contest, presented by Otterbein’s Center for Student Involvement and Office of Annual Giving and Constituent Communication, provides students with an opportunity to recognize parents, step-parents, guardians or other family members whose presence, endeavors, dedication and care have contributed to their personal development and academic success.