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Otterbein NA student Patrick Clinton advocates for students on OSANA student board

Otterbein NA student Patrick Clinton advocates for students on OSANA student board

Patrick Clinton, who will graduate in April from Otterbein/Grant Medical Center’s Nurse Anesthesia (NA) program, is serving as the first elected president of the student board of the Ohio State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (OSANA). His term began at the spring 2016 OSANA meeting held in Columbus, Ohio and will expire fall 2017.    

OSANA is a statewide organization representing over 2,200 Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and students, with a mission of advancing excellence in nurse anesthesia practice.  

In the first six years of student board representatives, three have been from Otterbein, although there is a total of seven NA programs in the state.  

“The purpose of the student board is to involve nurse anesthesia students more in the professional advocacy process,” Clinton said. “It also serves a role for succession planning. The goal is for students to graduate feeling they have a say in the future of our profession in Ohio.”  

Clinton’s duties include setting an agenda that benefits CRNA students in Ohio. The student board also works to increase student involvement at advocacy events and added value for students who attend OSANA meetings.

“This year we are offering a free board prep program provided by a very well respected board preparation company,” he explains.   

As he anticipates the end of his term, Clinton thinks it’s important that Otterbein continues to be at the forefront of leadership and involvement. As one of the seven nurse anesthesia programs in Ohio, Clinton urges Otterbein to continuously prepare CRNA students for the political realities of practice in Ohio.

Otterbein’s NA program is highly competitive and selective. Program Director Brian Garrett says Otterbein students are vetted at the admissions level to insure they not only have the health care knowledge, but also essential behavioral and emotional stability.

“Applying anesthesia is a delicate balancing act. It’s important that when our students leave our program, they have an ability to thrive in high-pressure situations” Garrett said.

NA students in Otterbein’s program have a 100% graduation rate and 100% job placement. Patrick has accepted a CRNA position at The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. As he steps into the profession he has trained so diligently for, he plans to remain involved in advocacy.

“Even after I graduate I hope to maintain a role in OSANA and continue to work for and with students.”

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