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Otterbein Softball Player Steps Away from Campus to Serve Country

Otterbein Softball Player Steps Away from Campus to Serve Country

Sports and life oftentimes are synonymous. Wins and losses mimic the ups and downs of everyday life as perseverance, hard work, sacrifice, and commitment are the bedrock's of success. Enter Kennedy Daly

Daly, a three-year letterwinner on the Otterbein softball team and an active-duty member of the Ohio Army National Guard, epitomizes the marks of a true teammate both on and off the field.

Daly's fascination with the game of softball and the military began at an early age when her family would swap stories about their pastime. Her mom, Sandy, reminiscing about her days on the diamond while her dad, Rob, a veteran of the U.S. Army, and other family members, would recount wartime stories.

"I could sit and listen to my family's stories for hours on end," Daly said. "As a child I grew up hearing legends about softball and war. But it wasn't the same as experiencing it for myself. I wanted to add to the family narrative."

That is exactly what Daly has done, beginning life as a student-athlete at Otterbein in 2013 and enlisting in the Ohio Army National Guard the same year. After starting her collegiate career as a history major, Daly began the life of balancing the pressures of three jobs: student, athlete and military member.

"Whatever I'm involved in at the moment is my focus," Daly noted. "When I'm in class that's the time to be fully engaged in my studies. When I'm at softball that's all that matters. Drill weekends are for improving myself as a soldier and completing the mission."

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