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Otterbein Towers: Anesthetist training taught skills, leadership, patient advocacy

Otterbein Towers: Anesthetist training taught skills, leadership, patient advocacy

Editor's Note: This and other stories appear in the Summer 2017 edition of Otterbein Towers Magazine, available online now.

Even though Kevin Reuscher MSN ’15 didn’t attend Otterbein as an undergraduate, his time here during graduate school was very impactful on his current career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). He joined the Otterbein community in 2012 when he was accepted into the Master of Science in Nursing program. The 28-month program provided early clinical experience.

Naturally, taking classes, participating in clinicals and preparing for board certification consumes a lot of time. Reuscher was regularly spending 60-70 hours per week juggling all of his education requirements. Even though the workload was heavy, it was all worth it, and Reuscher graduated with his master’s degree and became a CRNA.

Currently, Reuscher works at Adena Regional Medical Center in Chillicothe, OH. He says he enjoys it because it has widened his scope of practice.

Being the nurse anesthetist during a surgery is a lot of pressure, said Reuscher, but Otterbein’s program helped him to be prepared. “Surgery is a very stressful period for everyone involved, but because of our training, we are well prepared to handle that sort of stuff, and if something does go wrong, we’re there at the head of the bed to manage the situation.”

Reuscher said that Otterbein’s nurse anesthesia program, and the Master of Science in Nursing program in general, helped him become a better person overall. The faculty he worked with made sure students were prepared for life after graduation.

“Not only did I learn to become a licensed, nurse anesthetist, I became a better person,” said Reuscher. “They taught us about becoming leaders in the operating room and in health care, and how to be advocates for our patients and our profession.”

About his time at Otterbein, he said that the best memories aren’t necessarily the places, but rather being with the people. The community environment really drew him in and made his experiences especially memorable.

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