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Otterbein University Ambassador Ange Leone uses alumni’s advice to stay motivated in school

Otterbein University Ambassador Ange Leone uses alumni’s advice to stay motivated in school

By Joshua Knight ‘18

Being a University Ambassador is hard work, but for first-year student Ange Leone it’s just a part of what drives her lifestyle. Having to manage her time between her two jobs, on campus involvement and being a commuter, Leone says that her time spent as a University Ambassador helps keep her focused and motivated.

“It’s definitely hard (managing my schedule), I don’t have a lot of free time,” she said.

According to Leone, the best way to balance a busy schedule like hers is by making sure you’re always a step ahead and by finding something that motivates you. For her, that’s being a University Ambassador.

University Ambassadors reach out to Otterbein alumni, family and friends, asking for donations to The Otterbein FUND, which helps contribute to scholarships, mentoring programs and faculty development.

The part of being a University Ambassador the job description doesn’t say is that students gain much more than just getting charitable gifts – they truly connect with the people they call. Leone says that her favorite part of the job is being able to hear stories and advice from the alumni.

Leone’s favorite story was from an alumnus who was a rocket scientist that helped with the moon landing. She says that hearing such amazing stories from people who graduated from Otterbein that help to motivate her.

Along with being motivated, she says that it has helped her develop skills that she has used to advance in her major.

“I’ve learned how to present myself better and really communicate. I can connect with people better and I believe that being an ambassador has helped me form better connections in my major.”

Overall, the University Ambassador program has been a great source of motivation and experience for Leone.

“Just knowing that there is such a large network of alumni that are out there still supporting this school helps me to love Otterbein even more.”

Make your gift to The Otterbein FUND any time online.