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OTTERTHON Dances For the Kids

OTTERTHON Dances For the Kids

By Maria Slovikovski ’17

Zumba, country line dancing, the Nae Nae… Everything OTTERTHON participants do, they do #FTK — For the Kids.

OTTERTHON is a year-long fundraiser that culminates in a seven-hour dance marathon. All proceeds benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. This year’s dance marathon will take place from 6 p.m.-1 a.m. starting on Friday, March 11, in the Clements Recreation Center.

OTTERTHON was founded in the spring of 2013 by Caylee Whipple and turned over to Ellie Proctor following the dance marathon. “It has developed into an official campus organization while increasing in attendance, fundraising amounts, awareness and significance on campus,” said Proctor, former OTTERTHON president. Over the past three years, OTTERTHON has raised a total of almost $26,000.

“While the organization grew, the goal of why we dance stayed the same. It’s ‘For The Kids,’” said Proctor.

Every year, OTTERTHON has miracle families.

“The miracle families help make a personal connection with the cause we are raising money for,” said Taylor Pifher, co-director of family relations for OTTERTHON. The families visit Otterbein throughout the year and attend the dance marathon as well.

This year, OTTERTHON’s miracle kids are Ishallar (Osh) Bryant, James DeSantis, Rayne McCann and Reagan McGee. Bryant, 14, has elevated hemoglobin A1c and anemia. DeSantis, 8, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy. McCann, 10, has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. McGee, 3, has Sanfilippo syndrome.

When attending the dance marathon on March 11, dancers should expect a session with a Hip-Hop instructor, rave hour, country line dancing, a water pong tournament, activities dedicated to each of the miracle kids, dinner and much more.

“I dance for more miracles, birthdays and laughter in the world,” said Malerie Takach, director of morale for OTTERTHON.

“Until I can dance in celebration, I will dance for a cure,” said Lauren Kohler, co-director of donations for OTTERTHON.

Every dancer may have different reasons for becoming part of OTTERTHON, but every dancer is fundraising and dancing For The Kids.

Register today at otterthon.wordpress.com under the ‘How to Register/Donate’ tab or at the door on March 11. The registration fee is $10 and is counted in the year’s fundraising total.

Follow @OTTERTHON on Twitter for updates on the event and dancer profiles.