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Senior Reflects on Study Abroad Trip

Story by Alisa Hartman '15

Senior, art major Elisha Boose took advantage of Otterbein University's many study abroad opportunities, traveling to Spain with her classmates and favorite art professor, Amy Johnson, during J-Term in December.

"I started looking up some information and talked to my parents about the trip. The next thing I knew I was going on the trip to Spain," Elisha said.

Elisha soaked up all the experiences she could while staying in Barcelona and Madrid such as new foods, wider streets, street performers and amazing artwork painted by legendary artists - from Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso.

As an art major, Elisha said she was in awe of seeing the paintings she had studied at Otterbein come to life.

"The Casa Batlló was my favorite," she said. "It was absolutely beautiful inside. When you walked in your jaw would just drop. It was like nothing I've ever seen before."

Elisha said she also enjoyed taking the subway everyday and talking to locals.

"Almost everyone we came across was really nice and spoke as much English as they could to us," she said. "They were all really willing to help us out with anything we needed."

Now, back at Otterbein, finishing up her final semester, Elisha said that her time in Spain has inspired her to continue traveling after graduation.

"In Spain, they have some of the most beautiful architecture. It makes me want to graduate, get a job and travel even more," she said.

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