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Zach Reed

Support from Professors Helped Alumnus Stay Dedicated to His Field

College football is back, which means fans are filing into college football stadiums all over the country to cheer on their favorite teams. This time of year also means that sport management major Zach Reed ’13 is doing what he loves.

As the assistant events manager for Maverick Stadium at the University of Texas at Arlington, Reed is dedicated to providing fans and visitors with a great experience at his venue.

“The single best feeling is when you take five to 10 minutes away from your job and observe thousands of people having a good time and enjoying what you have helped put together,” he said.

Reed said he came to Otterbein University to stay close to home and to be a part of “one of the best accredited sports management programs in the country.”

“The sports industry is constantly changing…(and my Otterbein) classes and professors made sure that I understood the industry, adapted to change and embraced the future,” he said.

Reed said that his internships as a student gave him hands-on experience with and insight into the sports industry. He worked with the Columbus Crew as the Client Services and Game-Day intern for two Major League Soccer (MLS) seasons. He also had the opportunity to work with the Event Operations Department at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington for a National Football League (NFL) matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers in December 2012.

Reed said what he enjoyed most about Otterbein was the dedication and support of the faculty and staff.

“Otterbein has a support system that you can’t find anywhere else, and having that support system while attending Otterbein helped me overcome many obstacles during my college career,” he said. “The advisors, professors and administration aren’t just there to help you graduate, they are there to prepare you for a world that you can successfully impact.”

Reed said his goals for his professional career include finishing is MBA and gaining as much experience as he can to advance in the sports industry.