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Towers Magazine – What Does Otterbein Stand for?

Towers Magazine – What Does Otterbein Stand for?

Editor's Note: Pres. Krendl's letter and other stories appear in the Fall 2016 edition of Towers Magazine, available online now.

What does Otterbein Stand for?

The answer to this question is so much more than Otterbein’s history and its aspirational vision. It is about the story we tell.

It’s about the truths, the insight, the impressions any one of us portrays when we tell others that we are connected to Otterbein as alumni, parents, donors, students and employees.

As you read through this issue of Towers, I hope you’ll agree that Otterbein people and the lives they lead, along with other news of Otterbein progress and initiatives, offer a compelling story regarding why this place matters and deserves to stand for generations to come.

The seven alumni we highlight [in this edition] are exemplars of Otterbein qualities such as respect, learning, creativity, service and hope. While each leader is an extraordinary example of potential realized, they are just that: examples. We could turn the lens of a camera on countless alumni who are contributing to their fields and careers, who are advancing the common good, and who are committed to making a difference in ways big and small.

The spotlights of campaign donors like Beth Daugherty and Annie Upper speak to the motivation behind their transformational gifts. While we are indebted to them for the generosity of their gifts, we share their stories to convey the spirit and the passion behind their giving. Their motivation is connected, again, to the values that distinguish Otterbein. Their motivation is about protecting an experience and a commitment — a way of teaching, learning, working and supporting students — that is special.

The news about the progress and the grand opening of The Point, Otterbein’s new home to our STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) initiative, speaks to Otterbein’s long-standing commitment to leading fearlessly as an innovator in higher education. This creative and forward-thinking model of bringing education, industry and community together is catapulting Otterbein onto the national scene and bringing new corporate and community partners to our door.

These stories speak to the shared Otterbein values and traits that unite the artist with the economist; the CFO and the BFA; the alumnus and the student. These people and these efforts remind us that it is more than a diploma and a shared love of a picturesque campus that connect us. It is who we are and what we stand for in our careers and our communities.

What does Otterbein stand for? Its people — a model community of individuals who sincerely, earnestly work to improve things, to advance a better way of life, to lead by example because of how they learned, what they learned and from whom they learned.

I invite your thoughts on what you believe Otterbein STANDS for, too.

If you feel inclined, drop me a note at greatideas@otterbein.edu. 

As we enter a season of gratitude, I want you to know that Otterbein people and all that they STAND for are counted among the greatest blessings of this community.

President Kathy A. Krendl


Read the Fall 2016 edition of Towers Magazine, online now.