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Transfer student Tonia Dunson-Dillard immediately felt at home at Otterbein

Transfer student Tonia Dunson-Dillard immediately felt at home at Otterbein

Tonia Dunson-Dillard can’t hide her enthusiasm about Otterbein University. She transferred to Otterbein from Kent State University, and originally Otterbein wasn’t in the mix of potential schools.

“I’ve always known about Otterbein but I never really went on the website or considered it. I pulled out my phone one day and said, ‘I don’t think I have even looked at Otterbein’s website to see if they have my major,’’’ she said.

When she looked, she was pleasantly surprised, as Otterbein was the only school in the Columbus area that had the major she wanted to pursue.

Another important reason she chose Otterbein was her advisor.

“Robert Braun is the whole reason I chose to come to Otterbein. He was very open and welcoming when I was back in the ‘asking questions stage.’ He continued to follow up with me and was able to refer to many resources that I needed to fully make the process complete. I also had him in two classes this past spring semester. It was great to see him in action with his other students and see the genuine care and passion he has for students here at Otterbein,” she said. 

Dunson-Dillard knew this was a place she would fit in and belong. After transferring from a larger university, she really liked the size and “homey” feeling here she said. When the time came to transfer to Otterbein, Dunson-Dillard said making the switch was easy.

“It’s really nice that transfer students have our own home in admissions so that we can get the best direction in the process,” she said. “I am the type of person to always ask questions and constantly check in with people. Assistant Director of Adult and Transfer Admissions Mary Mosca was awesome in guiding me step by step in the process. I wouldn’t be here without her.”

The Spring 2017 semester was Dunson-Dillard’s first on campus, but she is already anticipating an internship and mapping out her future with her adviser and professors. Her future plans are to pursue a graduate degree in counseling education or higher education in order to address mental health in the college environment. 

If anyone asks her for advice about transferring to Otterbein, she’s ready with an answer.

“Do it! It was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. Otterbein makes you feel like you belong right away. Go where your heart goes.”


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