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Two supportive men are awarded the Otterbein Model Community Family Award

Two supportive men are awarded the Otterbein Model Community Family Award

By Meagan Van Stone ‘19

No matter what these men are going though, they will always be there for their loved ones. This is something that both Michael Storts and Brent Shaw’s loved ones can agree with. This is why they have been awarded Otterbein’s Model Community Family Awards.

Jessica Storts, graduate teaching student, has felt support from Michael since she originally graduated from Otterbein with a Bachelor’s degree in 2004. Michael Storts is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in Nursing at The Ohio State University. Michael has continued to support her even in times of illness.

Jessica wrote, “Michael woke up the next day unable to move his shoulder and a large sore inside his nose. Intuitively, Michael knew the two symptoms were linked and that something was terribly wrong, but could not pin point the diagnosis. A trip to the ER left us perplexed and deflated, no answers. Two days later, left untreated his body could take no more. Unable to walk, breathe, sleep, or eat Michael was fighting for his life.”

They later learned what was affecting his health. She wrote, “He defied the odds, miraculously survived, and slowly recovered. It took a relentless medical team, three surgeries, learning how to stand and walk again, countless hours of physical therapy, prayer, love, and sheer determination to get Michael to where he is today.

“I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsure if I could add school back into the mix. However, his example and fight to survive kept me focused on school. When I wanted to quit, I would envision him walking for the first time without assistance. When I was exhausted from taking care of Michael and our four children, he was amazingly encouraging and my biggest supporter.  When I wanted to drop my reading endorsement course because three classes were too daunting, he reassured me that I could do it.”

Tyler Shaw, senior undergraduate student, has felt the impact that his father Brent Shaw has made on him since he can remember. He wrote, “My dad has sacrificed so much for me, and I could never thank him enough.”

Tyler went on writing, “I remember a couple of times when I was younger, we sometimes did not have enough money for food. However, my dad always found a way to put food on our table. Even though it meant sometimes, he didn’t eat himself. He always made sure that we were taken care of. Even to this day, he makes sure that my family is taken care of before he takes care of himself.”

Recently Tyler’s father, Brent Shaw, was diagnosed with CMT, which is a form of Muscular dystrophy. Tyler wrote, “He’s only 46 years old, but he cannot walk without a cane, he loses his balance frequently, and his legs and arms are always in pain. However, despite all of this, he still works because he wants to provide for my family. Since his diagnoses, he has spent almost every day in tears because he is scared about what might happen to us, but he is remaining strong regardless.”

Tyler concluded with writing, “He has really shown me the true way to be a man, and I am so grateful for everything he has done for me. From where I STAND, I see that my dad is the one to thank for all my accomplishments and successes.”