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University Ambassador Kyrah Philp ’17 gives back to students through fundraising

University Ambassador Kyrah Philp ’17 gives back to students through fundraising

Otterbein University’s sense of community and camaraderie extends beyond a student’s four years on campus. Many alumni look to give back to the University that once gave them four incredible and memorable years. Alumni love to praise Otterbein to current students.

Junior Kyrah Philp is very often on the receiving end of these interactions. She is a university ambassador, raising money now that will benefit current and future students.

Being a top university ambassador not only means she's raising funds by calling alumni, parents and Otterbein friends through the teleFUND program, but also means Philp is getting great experience in speaking with diverse audiences.

“It feels great to contribute to helping students receive financial assistance to attend Otterbein,” said Philp. “People that donate create a better life for current students. I don’t think some people understand how big of an impact they have on a student’s life. People that give back have a larger impact than they think.”

Philp loves her time calling Otterbein alumni and friends three evenings each week. She’s found that she’s good at what she does and her confidence grows each time she speaks with new people.

"I set a fund-raising goal this semester and I actually exceeded my own expectations," said Philp. "In addition, through the teleFUND program, I've networked and had some really beneficial conversations."

Philp has always had a passion for helping other people. She knew that she wanted to be a teacher at an early age. She is an early childhood education major with a concentration in special education at Otterbein. She is scheduled to graduate in spring 2017.

“I love working with young kids and kids with behavior problems,” said Philp. “Especially at the younger age, I think that I can make a greater impact.”

Philp knows how important her work is. She is one of the first in her family to attend college. She was born in Antigua and Barbuda, an island in the Caribbean.

“Growing up in the Caribbean, yes everything was beautiful when it came to the island itself,  but I saw how hard it was growing up in poverty and having to get up at sunrise and walk to the other side of the island to go to school,” said Philp. “My mother always taught me that having an education and doing what you're passionate about, is the key to opening doors that you never dreamed of."

Philp’s sense of helping others is typical of the Otterbein community. She brought that sense with her to campus. She practices it here and she will take it with her as she becomes an alumna herself. Otterbein’s community and camaraderie run deep.