Programs of Study

You already stand out with skills developed from your military service -- leadership, teamwork, and discipline.  Those skills are highly valued in the workplace.  Combining these intangibles with a formal education gives you the competitive edge with prospective employers. 

Flexible Scheduling Options for Adult Students

The following programs offer flexible scheduling options for the adult student:

Leadership Degree Completion Program

You have experienced leadership roles in the military.  Now earn a bachelor’s degree! A convenient way to earn a bachelor’s degree totally in the evening is through our Leadership degree completion program.  This program is designed especially for the adult student who has an associate degree or prior college credit and wants to complete a Bachelor’s degree in the evening.   

The Leadership degree completion program consists of 64 semester hours of coursework. A total of 126 semester hours are needed for graduation.  You must have earned 64 hours of transfer credit in order to enroll in this program.  Your previously earned hours will count toward your Otterbein degree.

Traditional Programs of Study

If your schedule permits, there are more than 70 majors and 40 minors offered during the day.  Core classes and a limited number of other classes for these majors are held in the evenings so you can still work and attend class at night.

Undeclared Students

Undeclared means you're still exploring your options. The Center for Student Success will help you stay on track with extra advising, strengths assessment and immersive experiences to help you decide what program suits you best.

Heading for the Next Level — Graduate School

For more information, contact the Otterbein Graduate School, 614.823.3210, or email