Professional Development & Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate will help you build the core competencies needed to become a leader who can convert ideas into action and manage people to sustain long-term organizational success.  The certificate consists of four courses, taught one night a week.  Courses for the Leadership Certificate can count towards a bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Communication, Organizational Leadership or the Leadership Degree Completion program.

The Leadership Certificate is ideal for:

  • Aspiring executives
  • Project managers
  • High-potential supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs or individuals who want to identify, learn and apply the fundamentals of organizational leadership

You will learn, experience and develop:

  • The ability to apply leadership theories and perspectives to specific leadership challenges
  • How to lead and facilitate teams
  • How to manage nature of conflict and various conflict management styles
  • Competence in developing and presenting oral and written communication
  • Increased self-awareness, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, appreciation

Leadership Certificate Curriculum

LEAD 3700 - The Emerging Leader (Fall 7-weeks) Hours: 4
Assessment of personality type and styles of interaction and problem solving; Creation of a “personal vision statement”; clarification of personal values and how differing value structures among people impact relationships; understanding conflict styles and learning how to collaborate; examination of effective leadership principles, actions, and behaviors; development of your individual capacity to lead; development of communication skills that express leadership; making and keeping promises with integrity.

LEAD 3710 - Transformational Leadership (Fall 7-weeks) Hours: 4
This course focuses more intensively on the student’s “automatic way” of being and reacting and ways of “winning” and how these strategies are limits to what a leader can create and produce. We learn how to create the future from the future with no constraints from the past. We distinguish the concept of “mastery” and what it means to develop life-long practices that support living a life of possibility. We explore how “conversations” are openings of action and tools to produce results.  

LEAD 3720 - Leadership: Organizational and Team Dynamics (Spring 15-weeks) Hours: 4
This course is the third in the series and focuses on developing effectiveness of being a leader of teams and groups. We explore what effective leadership looks like in the 21st century - the skills and behaviors that are needed to manage and work in a global economy and in increasing rate of change. We explore the impact of “emotional intelligence” - the characteristics of this kind of intelligence and the importance of integrating emotions into our leadership and management skills. We explore more deeply how to manage and work through conflict; the characteristics of an effective team; deepen our active listening skills and ability to develop win/win solutions. We learn principles of motivation and how to move action forward to produce desired results and in that context we distinguish the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and the impact on performance.

LEAD 3730 - Leadership Project (Summer 10-weeks) Hours: 4
This course integrates all prior learning from the previous coursework in leadership to enable the student to create and implement a “Committed Future” plan. We expand the power of conversation, and more specifically the generative power of language. We learn the principles of appreciative inquiry as a vehicle to create enrollment and full participation in projects. We continue the development of our emotional intelligence competencies and experience our own barriers to fulfilling commitments and learn practices to overcome those barriers. The culmination of the series is in the design and implementation of a community project in an area of importance and concern to the student.

How to Apply:

Visit  The following are some of the steps you will need to take to complete the application process:

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  • Submit your application
  • Pay your $35 application fee
  • Send official transcripts to Otterbein. Please have all transcripts sent to:
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Once all items are received, your application for admission will be processed.

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