Special Transfer Credit Evaluation* Offer

Send us your scanned transcript and we’ll do an unofficial evaluation and let you know what will transfer, for how many credits and what the course equivalents are. No application required.

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Programs of Study

Otterbein offers the opportunity for students to explore a new degree program in any of our majors. Evaluation of first degree will occur during the admission process.

A popular second degree program is the Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Licensure.  

Have you always wanted to teach?  Otterbein's post baccalaureate education programs offer non-degree licensure programs at the undergraduate level. A transcript evaluation is completed for every student and an individualized schedule is created which will include the courses and field experiences required for applying for an initial teacher license and meeting the Ohio standard licensure requirements

Some programs require additional admissions requirements.

Otterbein University Programs of Study

Making the most of your time is another smart way to learn.  If your schedule permits,  there are more than 70 majors and 40 minors offered during the day.  Core classes and a limited number of other classes for these majors are held in the evenings to accommodate adult students who work during the day.

Undeclared Students

Undeclared means you're still exploring your options. The Center for Student Success will help you stay on track with extra advising, strengths assessment and immersive experiences to help you decide what program suits you best.

Heading For the Next Level — Graduate School

Otterbein University’s Graduate School programs are for professionals who make a difference and who challenge the status quo.  They are leaders who produce real success with innovative, entrepreneurial thinking, problem-solving capabilities and collaboration that improves organizational processes.

For more information, contact the Otterbein Graduate School by phone at 614.823.3210, or email grad@otterbein.edu.